Monthly Archives: December 2011

Day 1

Having the 9 am class at the Graham School ensures that I begin my day briskly and early. It feels good to get going early, have a class and then be done at eleven having had a morning filled with activity.

Everything went well today. I’m happy to be contracting again, it feels good. It also feels good to be under pressure again and have to work really hard.


It was a drab and rainy day today, and despite the spitting sky I managed to get all of my groceries taken care of for the week. I also managed to scour every grocery store in the Upper East side before realizing that I had to go to Trader Joes if I wanted the best prices (TJ’s is in Chelsea).

Walking up the stairs from the subway carrying about twenty pounds of groceries on each side of me- in a shopping bag in my hand the rest in my dance bag on my shoulder- I was mid way up the stairs when my should strap broke and my produce/dance bad went tumbling down the stairs. I watched pathetically as my cylindrically shaped bag rolled efficiently down the stairs. Luckly, it was late and no one was around. I retrieved my bag and grudged on up the stairs and into the rain.

I got home, showered, and then made myself some beans, potatoes, and an egg with a glass of Rueda.


Good night!


Astoria :)

Good to be back!


This is my home for the 3 weeks… and this is a restaraunt I learned about from Anthony Bourdain:


Off to downtown now, ciao! 🙂

Paintings and Dance

These are a collection of my paintings from my “Intro to Painting” class with images from the dance “Illusion of Separateness.”



Colorado College Fall 2011 Dance Workshop

This piece has been a long time coming, it was so nice to finally put it on stage. Excitingly enough, the faculty has selected Dolo and my piece to be performed at the 2012 American College Dance Festival, we are honored.