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Muir and Back Again

Here marks the start of a long series of events recapped, the ones worth sharing in the life of me. You all can thank my two desk jobs and my drawing class that allow me to be busy everywhere except for when I’m sitting behind a desk (which is frequent, twice a day sometimes, i’m a total pro!). And so I find this blog to be a creative way of filling my time desk-sitting.

Since my storytelling vessel of choice is video, the majority of what will be displayed on this website will be clips, slide shows, and short little events captured film. However, I reserve the right to show off some of my best still shots and the occasional essay or something, who knows?

So let us kick it off with my experiences on Mt. Rainier. They’ve been a long time coming, these Rainier videos. But I think I’d like to begin revealing. I present to you, “Muir and Back Again”.

My brother Joel (“in-law”, but it’s no legal relationship), and I landed in Seattle and found ourselves with the time to explore the city a little bit. I just wanted to see the ocean, and order “my drink” at the original Starbucks in the Pike Place Market. I type the name Starbucks with disdain- just had to mention that. It was a pleasant visit, and I like Seattle very much. If I ever live there, I hope it’s because I’m dancing with the Pacific Northwest Ballet!


Dream A Reality

Summit of Handies Peak, CO

Summit of Handies Peak, CO

A Rob


this is a blog.

Ever seen one?

Not like this, you haven’t.

We’ll see how it goes!