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Bulletin Board

As a part of my job as an RA, I am required to post bulletin boards about every month. This month, the theme was supposed to be something about sustainability. The on campus “Eco-reps” gave us a little chart with our resident’s names on it for us to check them off when they did something “eco-friendly.” The sheet of paper was the only requirement for the board. So I went for it!


Adam Dickerson, a brief portrait

Next year I will be an RA again. Since much of the Residential Life Staff is leaving this year, I will have a brand new manager next year. And so, I was asked to write a Bio for myself so that my new manager would have an idea of who I am before I come back in the fall. There were no guidelines (first mistake, ResLife!) and I was asked to include a photograph of myself. Here’s what I did:

Adam Dickerson

Class of 2013

Art Studio Major

Dance Minor

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO (ask me anything).

I am an entirely creative person. I think in colors and movements.

I am passionately determined and driven. I have an obsessive nature.

I have a wonderfully/unfortunately loud laugh (which can be good or bad depending on the setting. To gage, I’ve made babies cry).

I have no control over my laugh.

I am a dancer. And no thank you, I will not be on “Dancing With the Stars” or “So You Think You Can Dance.”

I love ballet but hate white tights.

I want to do contemporary modern dance in Europe, Chicago, or New York.

I am vegan in most situations, preferably vegetarian when food is organic, but I love juicy, local, organic, free-range, beef. (My stance comes from a disapproval of the American meat/food industry and shipping. For the same reason, I don’t eat bananas: too far to ship.)

I like being confronted, I like confrontations.

Tell me what not to do. Tell me what to do.

I LOVE wine and beer…. and whisky…. and I brew my own Kombucha, want some?

I turned 21 in 2010.

I took a year off after I graduated in 2008.

I eat the whole apple, core and all… sometimes the stem…

Don’t ask me what my favorite color is. I’ll be obnoxious and say Yellow Ochre mixed with a little bit of Burnt Umber or Cerulean Blue with a touch of Crimson and Titanium White.

I’m not as weird as I might seem.

Or am I………?

Can’t wait for next year!!!From my backpacking trip in Ticaboo Creek, UT.