Final Project: Completed.



3 thoughts on “Final Project: Completed.

  1. sally anderson says:

    Dear A. Linnet just sent me the link to your blog. I”m absolutely gobsmacked by your astonishingly beautiful weaving. This is just gorgeous!! What are the dimensions of the piece? Isn’t dying yarn a blast? I just got my loom up and working after 31 years(!) of being put away. I wove a blanket for my cousin’s wedding gift. Alpaca and Merino wool. yum yumm. Good stuff.
    Congratulations. Welcome to the land of looms.
    Cheers, Sally (Linnet’s mom)

    • Sally! Sorry, I’m not in the habit of “approving” comments and therefore didn’t notice your generous reply! Probably a setting I could change…
      Thank you. And yes, I absolutely love dying. Today I wove a scarf without dying the threads and it felt (there’s a pun somewhere in there) like cheating.
      That’s so exciting about your loom! I swear -I really do- I swear I will come visit you and Linnet out there and see your loom.
      The land of looms is marvelous and I hope to see you soon.

  2. rita says:

    I see earth and sky. Hills and mountains. And soft, fluffy clouds.

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