Colin’s Bread

Colin bakes bread.

People do, right?

In dorm rooms? In college? With any success?

… probably only my buddy Colin.

(When I say success what I mean is outrageously fantastic artisan loaves that are hard to find anywhere in the world.)

This week, he made me a fig bread. I was hoping to pace myself and perhaps make it last the whole week. However, the problem with this fig bread is that its too delicious to last a week. No way. Not when each tear from the glorious body of this loaf yields the potential for a hidden gem of fig yumness.

Conclusion: I’m a lucky duck, and Colin is a passionate, bread-making fool who’s DARN good at what he does. What a wonderful world.

4 thoughts on “Colin’s Bread

  1. rita says:

    My, that does look good and you are lucky, Ferris:)
    p.s. You are fortunate to have such unusual friends!

  2. Em says:

    I am so impressed! truly! And yes, you are so lucky! My mouth is watering now.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Figs. Yum. Figs. Yum some more. Love that last shot! What did you use for the wood- it’s perfectly rustic like the bread!

  4. […] flavour, the scent of the ice cream is a trip all its own. All thanks to my brother’s friend Colin for the actual job of standing at the stove, whisk in hand, making sure my base didn’t boil, […]

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