Farewell Summer, Hello School.

Glamour Gods of the Hill

Glamour Gods of the Hill

So here I am. Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado College Campus,  in an old, elevatorless four story mansion-dorm, working as an RA, thinking as a student, slaving as a dancer, creating as a choreographer, being responsible (ha! or pretending) working a desk job, and living out each bottle of wine like it was my last.

Highlights from this fall so far have been dressing up fabulously for school dances with my friends:

There was no theme, we're just CC students.

Also, I had the  a fantastic opportunity to go on a school “field trip” for my first block class. Where did we go? Oh, just Portland for the weekend.

My dear friend David acting responsibly and maturely in our hotel room.

It was a class titled “History of  Contemporary Performance,” and so it was only natural that we go to the  TBA festival in Portland to see the most recent contemporary performances that were happening in our day and time.

Outside one of the theaters we went to. We saw four performances in two days. Awesome.

Once that block ended, I headed west.

Having a five day vacation every three and a half weeks during the school year just isn’t  fair  for the rest of the  world. Sorry. But here’s how its done:

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison, CO

My friend Colin and I left campus just a few hours after our classes ended, threw some things in the Jeep, picked up some fishing equipment from my house, some Mushrooms from the grocery store, and then drove into the Colorado front range.

We went for a two night loop in the Lost Creek Wilderness. The leaves were absolutely magical. Let’s hear it for the Aspens.


Our mushrooms came into play after hiking all day on our second section of the loop. We found a campsite next to the  creek, heaved off our boots, and began to eat, nap, sit, drink tea, nap, eat, and then make rose hip-hot chocolate before going beddy bye. 

Freshly picked rose hips. They surrounded our campsite and they make a great tea.

On our final day we packed out, and then made our way towards Cedaredge, CO to visit my grandparents.

"If you ever have the means, I highly suggest it. It is so choice." -Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Colin and I were very adamant in tell my grandparents that WE would do all the cooking. For many reasons, this made Colin and I happy to be able to cook and bake. We made scrambled eggs, trout, Colin made bread and a strawberry rhubarb pie, and I made Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. The trout was fun because we had a incredible time fishing on the Grand Mesa, up behind my Grandparent’s home.

Colin's backwards "J" made me realize that I'm not the only one hopelessly confused in life.

It was lovely to visit my family and spend time on the ranch. And just a fun side note for those who are familiar, you all know that wooden puzzle that Granddad has sitting on the bookshelf? Well Colin and I solved it. Ha! My WHOLE LIFE has been spent thinking that it was actually impossible. Granddad said he’d give us $10 bucks if we solved it. So we made some money.

It wasn't easy!

We left the ranch feeling rested and relaxed- just about perfect. On our way out, we stopped at the Cedaredge Applefest: Yum.

My second block class is now in motion. Its a whole other story in and of itself. But as a preview, check out my professors:

Eiko and Koma


4 thoughts on “Farewell Summer, Hello School.

  1. rita says:

    Whoa! That fish you had in your hand was huge! Nice! Congrats on solving the puzzle! And as for Eiko and Koma: they do not look real. More like moving, breathing sculptures! They reminded me of Adam and Eve. The first man and his woman. (I guess right now my response should be, “What is this world coming to?”:)
    p.s. Colin’s “J” looked fine to me until you said something:)

  2. Em says:

    What a fun post Dude! You two guys crack me up. The backwards J! Was that an initial for Grandad? I’m actually very impressed with the puzzle solving. Legendary. Your pancakes had me drooling. And as far as your professors, I’m almost afraid to ask but “What the?”

  3. Stephanie says:

    HA! HA! HA! WHERE do you come up with this stuff? Ok.
    1) What did you do with the mushrooms?
    2) Like Colin’s “Apple” head
    3) What is the J and the D about? So lost.
    4) Stupid puzzle. I hate that thing. Bothers me just thinking about it. Can’t believe you solved it.
    5) So glad you liked the pancakes. Nice job. Nice job, indeed.
    6) Nice Farris B. quote. ha!
    7) So your new professors will hold everyone captive by dancing naked? Nice. Gotta love CC.

  4. Stephanie says:

    PS: I had NO idea you were in Portland! Sheesh. Missed that one.

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