Week Five Down…

I accidentally audibly grunted in class today. It was funny but appropriate considering how I was squeezing my guts up into my chest- let’s here it for the Graham contraction! Then our teacher did an exercise where we did contractions with three different qualities: crying, laughing, and being surprised.  I love how Graham utilizes one of the most visceral physical human reactions to emotion for technique and choreography, this is why I’m obsessed with this technique.

We had an incredible teacher this week, and next week we will have our last. MY LAST WEEK! Whoa.

The city is still a wonderland for me. I am frankly surprised to report: I am not sick of this city. Did not see this one coming. And now, I’m looking at plane tickets to come back in December for two weeks of the winter intensive.

ALSO! I only have three more days of my job! HAHA! And then I’m walking away and never looking back.


One thought on “Week Five Down…

  1. rita says:

    Woohoo! What a summer!

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