Sensing the End


Whether its two more weeks, or two more days, I am feeling like the end of my foreign summer is coming. I can’t wait to get home… in a way. In another sense, I don’t feel the need to leave the city at all. I could live here, easily. A trip home would be nice, but I’m already trying to figure out a return trip for the winter intensive this year. However, I can’t wait to walk to Ute Valley Park, stare at Pikes Peak, drive by Garden of the Gods, and eat a birthday cake (ummm, I’m dropping a hint: I know it wont be anyone’s birthday, but since when did my family need a reason to celebrate?)

I don’t want to say anything about my foot yet. Too much is in the unknown and the results of my appointment tomorrow could take my state of being to either end of the spectrum of good and bad… or at least I feel this way…  But hey, I’m in God’s hands!


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