Venezia, Revisit and Closure




After checking into my hostel in Venice (on the mainland), I took a train to the island and began reliving the experiences that initiated my Europe experience almost two months ago. I walked back to my old hotel, saw my favorite church (Salute, where I crazy-coincidentally ran into some CC students, none of whom I knew, what are the odds?), drank prosecco at my favorite bar… drank prosecco at my second favorite bar, ate cheap delicious pizza, and then finished my night with one last glass of prosseco. Did I mention prosseco?
It was terribly sad to leave Venice. To leave Europe from the very place where it all started and to feel the splendor of Venice with new appreciation, there was a lot of emotions going on.
And that was that. Adam’s fantastic Europe trip. So now I turn the page, and commence act two of my summer, dancing at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance in New York City. Ok, Lord, here we go…


3 thoughts on “Venezia, Revisit and Closure

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love the ode to prosecco! That’s why I could bathe in the stuff…it is just perfect with everything. Well done, Adam, in Italy and Spain. Well done. Now– tell us about MG.

  2. rita says:

    Thanks once again, Adam, for taking us with you on your excellent adventure! I laughed and I cried and now, I can hardly wait to come along with you to NY and take in all of your experiences with you there – one blog post at a time. May God bless.

  3. Em says:

    Lovely closure. Good for you to go back to the scene where it all started. Speaking of running into random CC students, I had that same experience with a fellow AAHS who was also coincidentally a CC student back when I was visiting Firenze in ’01. I bumped right into him in front of the David copy. It was soooo weird. Plus, he wasn’t a person I would even normally talk to, so extra weird!

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