Reluctantly, Blaine and I left our hostel the next morning. Taking the bus into Florence, we admired the rolling hills strewn with vineyards for the last time. It was on this bus ride that it finally dawned on me, I only had two days left in Europe. I would be in New York City this Saturday! I had Blaine repeat that to me several times but it still doesn’t make sense. Even right now while I’m writing this on a train heading towards Venice I cant comprehend it. I AM LEAVING TOMORROW!!! Nope, still doesn’t seem true.
Florence was great. Really the main reason why we went was to see Michaelangelo’s David. Blaine had made reservations at the museum so that we didn’t have to wait hours in line to get into the museum. So we showed up, grabbed our tickets, waltzed right in, and began going through the galleries. Starting with some really old Byzantine altarpieces, we saw a ton of really important works. My favorites had to be Botticcelli’s Primavera and The Birth of Venus. So beautiful! And of course, Leonardo’s Annunciation was perfect.
Now, if anyone reading this knows anything about Florence museums or has seen the Statue of David, you might have an idea of the problem Blaine and I soon ran into.
After walking through the entire museum, Blaine and I kept trying to find the sculptures. Maybe David was on a different floor? We could not find any such floor. It was when we looked through the gallery guide in the gift shop that idea popped into my head: David is not here. Looking through the index, I tried my hardest, but could not find anything on David. I smiled at Blaine. He looked bewildered. “I don’t think he’s here,” I say filled with some sort of sick pleasure and amusement. Blaine was incredulous.
We left that museum in awe of ourselves. That just says it all. The situation completes it. If anyone had any doubts about whether or not Blaine and I are similar they should have seen us laughing at each other in front of the Uffizzi Museum. It was too perfect. We marveled at the ridiculousness of the situation. Loving the fact that God has such an amazing sense of humor, we went to get dinner. Our resolution was to wake up early the next morning (6:45) and go to the museum that actually housed that little statue we had traveled to Florence to see.
And so we did this. We were about the fifteenth and sixteenth people in line and we did not have to wait more than an hour. Once we were in the museum we headed straight towards David, and there we found him.
I will not waste anyones time trying to describe David. But I will say one thing- just short of breathing, this statue is alive. Unreal. Unlike anything I have ever experienced. Glory of God’s creation captured in stone.
We wandered through Florence a bit before we had to charge our phones at the hostel, have lunch, and leave each other at the train station. I am less than an hour away from Venice at this point, and Blaine is well on his way to Rome. I plan on revisiting my favourite spots in Venice, having prosecco, some sardines, and then taking a boat to the airport tomorrow morning. Someone is going to have to remind me that I have to do this- it feels like this trip will never end. Actually, leaving doesn’t even seem like a possibility. How did this happen? How is tomorrow June 25th? I will be contemplating this as I eat gelato, drink glasses of prosecco and wandering through Venice.


2 thoughts on “Firenze

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh man. Didn’t we mention the David is “elsewhere”? We, on the other hand, saw David, but not the Uffizi. So glad you found him. “Alive” is a word that describes him well. Nice shot of the Ponte Veccio!

  2. Em says:

    Oh you two crack me up! the one reason for going to Venice and he wasn’t at the Uffizi. I’ve never seen the real David, just the big one out front of the Uffizi, I think it is?

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