Tavarnelle, the Evening Tasting





(Note: the apology previously offered in the last post still applies to this one as well.)
Back in Tavarnelle, I was overcome by a persistent and ever increasing desire to liberate myself from the mop ontop of my head. Having a shrub for a haircut during the winter works well for insulation, however, feeling classy in Tuscany and dancing in sweaty New York justified my decision for a trim, …or a hack.
So I went for it: Italian barbershop, baby! When the woman began washing my hair in a massage chair I had two thoughts: ew, I’m so sorry, and I am in for it good! The barber didn’t speak English and so I was able to effectively use Spanish to explain to him what I wanted. The haircut was great, he did what I wanted, the lady washed my hair again (that’s twice in one day, and I hadn’t washed it for over a month.) I left feeling lighter, sharper, and dashing!
I met Blaine and we went into a bar across the street for more wine tasting.
The man who served us knew his wine, loved his Chianti, and was quite the character. He started out by saying, “Dis! Dis iz da journey uf Chianti!” Each of the four glasses we tried came with some kind of nuts, chips, or crackers that he would excitedly slide across the bar at us. Also with each glass came his, “etz niice, eh?”
First was a table red wine from Tavarnelle, “Rosso Toscano,” maybe my favorite. Oaky, layered, full bodied, and the perfect amount of tannin. Second was a normal Chianti. Not as complex, but simply delicious. Third was a Chianti “Classico.” Sorry, can’t remember what it was that made it special. But it was darn good. Our last was branded “Ulrica Toscano,” our waiter called it a “super-toscana” or a “black wine.” It was the world’s best dessert wine. I LOVE that Italians don’t add sugar to their wines! These wines do just fine without it! In fact, I think they are exceptionally more enjoyable. I won’t stop looking for this wine in the States until I find it.
So that was an incredible experience. And now I am obviously in love with Chianti, how could I not be?
From there we crossed the piazza to get dinner. And guess what we drank with our caprese salads? Chocolate milk.
I totally fooled some of you just then, I know it.
We had more local red wine, magically and inexplicably flavorful. And about caprese salads, there is nothing more simple and more perfect. Those fantastic flavors coming together on one plate is enough goodness for me to want to rub my face in it.
The only thing left to do with our day, and the only thing we felt like doing, was taking a walk back towards Barberino and watching the sunset. Like this, our unbelievable Tuscan day ended: sitting on a stone wall, at the top of a hill, overlooking the valleys and hills of Italian wine country- Thank. You. God.


3 thoughts on “Tavarnelle, the Evening Tasting

  1. rita says:

    Nice haircut!
    And how are you going to aclimate to the U.S?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Amen about the Caprese! My sentiments exactly. Well done in Italia, Adam! Bravo, bravo…molto bravo! You visited well, and you will be back. Amazingly, there is so much more to enjoy and appreciate. Until then… New York, New York!!!!!!

  3. Em says:

    Okay, I can’t even finish reading your post without first commenting—why oh why don’t you wash your hair??? And you laid on our couch and slept in the bed that I have been napping on this past week!!!!! Gross. At least you should put a hat or beanie on to protect the rest of us from the intercontinental cooties that are falling off of your scalp!!!!!

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