Biggest Lemons Ever





Happy, no, elated to leave Napoli, Blaine and I got on a train towards Amalfi. After an hour on the train, we took a bus that drove us to the Amalfi Coast. The roads that brought us there were unbelievable. The bus was constantly squeezing past cars on crazy precipitous ledges, cliffs, and bridges. The view of the Med was killer.
The moment we stepped off the bus we began wandering through the town of Amalfi. After a bit, we decided we’d head to our hostel to check in. I checked the directions on my phone, and realized that we had just less than twenty minutes before reception would close and that our hostel was in an entirely different town, Atrani, a fifteen minute walk away.
So we ran. Winding through the labyrinthine white alleys and sprinting up stairs, we eventually made it to our town, but not without torturing our quads and sweating a lot.
We checked in, now we were hungry. In the tiny town’s piazza, we sat down for a shared meal of a magherita pizza, caprese salad, and a half liter of Prosecco. And then it was beach time.
Swimming in the Mediterranean Ocean is great. If you ever have the means, I highly suggest it. It is so choice.
For dinner we bought crackers (which might actually have been cookies) with brie, peaches, and apricots. We ate on the steps of a crazy church in Amalfi. We chased our dinner a bit later at a bar with Limoncello. First normale and then crema. Incredible drink! So right for the summer, and so exquisitly lemony.
Our night finished with another swim in the Med. Why not? And also, who needs swimwear? (Here’s a fun little fact: I’ve skinny dipped in every body of water I’ve been in! Ha! Now that’s livin’.)
In the morning we enjoyed the bus ride out from the coast, the views being entirely too much to take in. After we arrived in Napoli, we took a train to Firenze. Little did we know, the good times were about to roll… and roll, and roll.


3 thoughts on “Biggest Lemons Ever

  1. Stephanie says:

    Limoncello. Oh yes. I love the lemon picture. I’ve always fantasized about having lemon trees in a sun room and pretending I’m in Italy. Nice Farris Bueler quote, by the way. So choice. The skinny dipping stats are impressive. It helps when you only have to keep half your body submerged. And, I am VERY happy to see that prosecco is ever-present on your journey through Italia. CANNOT wait to hear what you think of fair Toscana!

  2. Em says:

    Nice head shot with the lemons, dude. Thanks. 🙂 And, I’m sooo happy you were able to try both kinds of limoncello. What a fun time on the coast you guys had! You’ve really seen Italy from coast to coast!

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