Buddies in Spain





Salamanca has been so great! Everyday Colin goes to class and I go to a cafe and wander around until I met him back at our host mom’s house. Lunch is has been something fried on something saucy (and also potentially fried at one point) along with stale bread and salt drenched salad dripping with garlic dressing/oil. MmmMh!
Then we take our siesta.
Then Colin takes me somewhere cool, we have some wine, and then go to a show in the festival.
Last night we saw a BRILLIANT play that I will never forget. It was a “comedy” of sorts, British, super ironic, wonderfully sarcastic, plotless, and unbelievably well done. It had ten characters wearing unsightly wigs and costumes (men, short un uneven black dreads, red buttonups and white blaizers; women, platinum blond wigs seemingly styled by a four-year-old, red go-go boots and white sequin flapper dresses), they spoke into microphones that changed their voices into exaggerated cartoon voices (men, really low; women, really high and alien-like). And they take you on this roller coaster ride of emotions with interruptive dance numbers with japanese lounge music where they dance horribly, but it was the best bad dancing I have ever seen! And they were hilarious! And so beautifully developed as characters. By the end of the show you’ve fallen absolutely in love with all of them. And the whole thing was so layered and rich with theatrical intellect. Overall, it was a social commentary on cliche’s and the inescapable realities of the world. Brilliant! Brilliant! It was so good. And people were walking out during the middle of the show (art-dumb), they just didn’t get it. And a lot of people left! That’s how intellectual it was, and I’m rambling horribly, so sorry, but I have so much to say about this production. In person, I will tell you more.
Then Colin and I went for dinner back “home.” It was three different fried objects, of what species, I’ll never know. They just tasted like fried. With a Spanish tortilla and a side of store bought yogurt. MmmMh! (Breakfast is two store-bought muffins, small, with instant coffee stirred into hot milk.)
After dinner we went to a funk-rock concert, just the tail end of it, and then had some wine with some other great CC peeps.
Oh yeah- and yesterday we went to salsa class again. I’m learning new steps!
And so, because I can’t get enough of Colin or my lucky situation, I am staying an extra night. Who can argue with a setup like this?!
I miss everyone and can’t wait to see Joel in the U.K.!
P.S. The food photo is from a picnic a few of us had a couple nights back. Bread, ham, goat cheese, and rosemary plucked off a nearby bush. And oh, red wine: Ribiera del Duero. Thank you, Dave.


One thought on “Buddies in Spain

  1. rita says:

    You are one fortunate traveler…a great host mom, a buddy from CC, intellectually stimulating entertainment…a summer to remember. And how fun it will be to be joining Joel soon in England!!! I’m happy for you!

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