If I was a salamander in Salamanca…




So there’s an arts festival going on right now in Salamanca. This means there’s something to do every night. I sure know how to time it!
Arrived by train, met Colin in train station, met host-mom, I am now her son because she says so, and then went and explored. Oh yeah, and I went to a salsa lesson with Colin’s class. (Where I learned new steps! It was actually a blast.)
After dinner we went to a show in the city square/plaza. It was some African acrobatic troupe, they were crazy skilled! The photo above is of two people being launched into the air, one doing a flip OVER the other one who was also flipping. Nuts.
And then there was a funk concert nearby. Colin and I had met up with some people from CC at this point and we were all at the show.
Finally people to dance with! So this guy Andrew, Colin and I were going for it, making a scene, and influencing other people to dance (duh, its a funk concert!) And there is no hindering us CC people when we dance. Some might say, “we let our freak fly-fly.”

2 thoughts on “If I was a salamander in Salamanca…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Well, you know how to time your trip. Looks like a party! And, I’m not surprised you found a new “mother” in Spain. Destiny.

  2. rita says:

    This is definitely a summer to remember! How much fun can you have!!!????

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