Tapa(3×3)+Sherry(2×3)+Agua(1×2)=Andalusian Cuisine Steal




Dave, thanks again for doing my research for me. I went to one of the suggested places, ordered the suggested tapas, and drank the suggested sherry.
I was first served a plate of olives. Then came my sherry (fino), and foie gras with a fig all saturated with a dark sweet & savory sauce. Then it was grilled lamb with honey sauce and thinly sliced potatoes. So stinkin’ tastey! And then I tried a darker, sweeter sherry (I don’t remember the name), and ordered some sort of fried ham tapa. It was like what the world of fried fast food should be but never will. The whole meal actually tempted me to burn down the local McDonalds. 
A delicious and memorable meal (and filling!)
I asked for the bill. That was three tapas, two glasses of sherry, and I accidentally ordered a bottle of water (nothing’s free here). I was ready for a blow. Nope! Twelve sixty, ladies and gents, twelve euros and sixty cents. I thought, “my, how affordable,” left exact change (no tips here, right?), tried saying thank you (my waiter didn’t hear), and then walked away into the streets of Seville.
Now, each tapa was around three euros, and the same with the sherry… plus a bottle of water…. ???
It occured to me about five minutes after I left (thats how long math takes for me), but I just kept on walkin’! A gift from Sevilla, I guess.


One thought on “Tapa(3×3)+Sherry(2×3)+Agua(1×2)=Andalusian Cuisine Steal

  1. Stephanie says:

    When the gift is amazing food in Sevilla, I think you are right- don’t ever say no. I LOVE that you are eating foie gras, lamb, and sherry in your stop off for tapas. It’s so completely UNLIKE what everyone else your age is doing (cheap liquor and wilty french fries). I see great things in your future… Now, tell me a story about Salamanca.

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