Last Night in Sevilla




Tomorrow I’m taking a train to Salamanca where I will meet Colin. Can’t wait!
Last night I had crazy good wine. This morning I had churros y chocolate. Quite the breakfast!
Sevilla is beautiful. End of story.
Blaine and I decided to do Amalfi and Florence. We’re both pretty excited!
Steph, you cant quite tell, but my tapas were definitely served on triangle plates!


3 thoughts on “Last Night in Sevilla

  1. rita says:

    The churros y chocolate is still one of my all time favorites in Seville. I can still taste them. Glad you enjoyed them too! And for that photo of the beautiful, sun-lit sky and buildings…is that taken with your cell phone? Incredible!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Long live triangle plates! Long live Sevilla! Long live local, fresh food prepared with a bit of thought. I am experiencing churros-envy.

  3. […] outrageously delicious little sandwich. My inspiration came from Sevilla, when I ordered something similar around midnight in one of the town plaza’s with a glass of oaky red wine. Ooh baby. I have to […]

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