Buh Byeee Bandalona!




Adios, me voy.
Last night I went to Tapas 24 with an English guy from my hostel.
He ordered just a plate of 5 giant olives, I tasted one, best olive of my life.
I first got the “Buguer McFoie” with was basically succulent ground beef enveloped in pancake type bread. Whoa yum! With this I had an equally succulent vino tinto.
Next I had “The Bikini” sandwiches. Soft flat bread stuff with melty cheese and ham (think prosciutto plus cream). Mouth watering. I had a really amazing fruity (but not sweet) white with this.
And it was a good night.
Off to Seville!


2 thoughts on “Buh Byeee Bandalona!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hooray for more food pictures…did you know this is turning into a food/travel blog? My favorite ;-), ha! ha! Sounds like you ate well in Barcelona. And now, let’s hear about Seville.

  2. rita says:

    Oh my, its for certain, we have another “foodie” in the family. It all looks delicious! You are going to love Seville!

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