Giddy. I am giddy.
Thank you Dave for being the guiding big brother and directing me towards greatness. I thought I’d just go and see what these great tapas were all about, take a seat at some fancy restaurant by myself and have one single tapa and a glass of wine.
I had no idea.
I get off the metro, its pouring rain. I walk a few blocks, take a right, and walk until I see the sign for Quimet & Quimet. Turn to walk inside, and I am startled: its tiny, everyone is standing up, and its packed.
I try to act cool. I look like a local, better act like one. I find the tapa suggested by Dave/Wall Street Journal. I boldly walk up to the bar and order it. They’re out. I try again, its a go.
I stand at the bar, almost behind the bar because its so crowded, and observe. There are wine bottles on shelves on all four walls reaching way up to the ceiling. I’m next to a cabinet filled with various bottles of Jack, a comforting feeling.
My first tapa: anchovies, olives, and artichoke hearts with a glass of red cava. YES- F.L.A.V.O.U.R.
Next I ask the waitress (cute) for her favorite. She said she likes everything but do I like to try things. I say yes. Second tapa: small toast with tuna (like no other) and some sort of black fish eggs or something. YES. Plus a fresh glass of the driest, oakiest wine I’ve ever tasted. Really nice.
Next I ask her for something with cheese. She asked me if I like my cheese strong: duh…. and ah, shoot, I need more wine. My third tapa: some sort of delicious orange cheese with a green sauce and those little black fish egg things. I drank a tasty glass of vino tinto along with it (de qual tipo, yo no se).
I did my best to soak in the environment. It all made me so happy I had to cover my mouth to hide my smile. And then I couldnt stop smiling, the whole time! Does that make me a foodie??? Just being in a room filled with wine bottles lifts my spirits. I. Love. It. Absolute highlight of Barcelona. But I still got tomorrow…
P.S. why, tell me, WHY aren’t there bars like these all over the States?


3 thoughts on “Tapas

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh. Yes. Thank you, THANK YOU for the bite-by-bite descriptions… I think this qualifies you as a true gormand- a person who takes great pleasure in food. Nice that the waitress is cute too. ha! Sounds like another exciting day ahead- can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. rita says:

    I was once again so taken in by your writing that when I finished reading it I was startled to look around and see that I am just here at home. Good story. Happy ending.

  3. Dave says:

    Good work, Adam. We’re living vicariously. Keep it up!

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