Aja and Mickey generously offered me a couch in their private guest house in Como, Italy. Rather than going to a sketchy hotel (that wanted me to email them my credit card number AND pin), I decided to keep the fun rolling with Aja and Mickey.
They showed me Lake Como (were there was some sort of concert or festival going on) and then their favorite gelato place… now my favorite gelato place. I think it was the perfect flavor and the rich texture that made me get four scoops… one of dark chocolate, one of coffee, one of lemon, and one of peach. Every one was unforgettable.
I left the two and Lake Como early this morning to catch a train, to catch a metro, to catch a bus, to finally catch a plane to Barcelona. And here I am.

2 thoughts on “Como

  1. rita says:

    Catching a train, the metro and a bus to then catch a plane sounds exciting enough in itself(I’m impressed!)…but the gelato, you make me want some sooo badly!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oh yes, gelato. Four scoops is hardly enough and Lago di Como is such a deserving place to enjoy it all! I am LOVING this adventure of yours… and now- let’s hear it for Barcelona!

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