Ostaria del Diablo e L’Aquistania


I ate octopus. And liver. Wahoo!
This was at a restaurant suggested by Anthony Bordain on his Venice special. I was so psyched to stumble upon it near Rialto a week ago, but after a big splurge at DaRomano, I didn’t think I could budget in another one. Little did I know that this place was unbelievably reasonable.
And so, when Eliza’s parents asked for suggestions on where to eat on their first night in Venice, I threw my suggestion out on the table. And it was a go!
The mood of this place was killer. We sat in a dark alley (remember that this is hardly unique in Venice) that was illuminated by a distant yellow sign and a couple of street lamps. And they played really choice oldies music like the Supremes. Plus, our waiter had on rockin’ yellow glasses.
I split a octopus salad with Eliza for our first dish (I think the ‘rents ordered a caprese salad). I then ordered liver. Ha!
It tasted like the best/most flavorful ground beef in the world. It was SO delicious. We had vino bianco della case with the whole deal. It was incredible.


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