Food from the Sea




Best. Meal. Ever.
Well at least since as far as my Venice experience goes.
My first course was “sardine in soar” = sardines in onion and pine nuts with raisen like things i’m forgetting the name of. It kind of changed my life. End of story. I can’t help you with any descriptions. You must taste it. Sorry.
Next came a special of the day: black spaghetti with muscles, something else fishy (sorry, bad memory), and tomatoes. Also incredible. The spaghetti was black from ink which was so flavorful and a million times better than normal noodles. I enjoyed this plate with a monstrous glass of red wine.
Allow me to express my love for oversized wine goblets. There is nothing more gratifying than palming a globe of throbbing fermented grape blood. The goblet at this place spiked my testosterone. It was like experiencing the sensation of cupping an entire world of wine in your very own hands that you alone could devour. Every sip from this crystal creature drained it of its life, and made me king.
The last picture is from the Vivaldi concert we went to afterwards where we heard “Four Seasons.” It was exceptionally impressive.
I need to go to bed. But! Just know that this food was memorable and really good. More to come. As for now, I must heed to the call of my dreams. La da dee daa.. dee doodle dah dah…


3 thoughts on “Food from the Sea

  1. Megan says:

    How do you think of this stuff?
    “Every sip from this crystal creature drained it of its life, and made me king.”
    Love it.

  2. Padre says:

    Interesting post. Very emotional as well as hormonal apparently. I guess I’ve not had quite that reaction to food, yet. There’s still time I guess:)


  3. Stephanie says:

    Let’s just say, you made your mother speechless upon reading this post… I only heard choking sounds. HA! HA! HA! Dave and I got a huge kick out of this one– I’ll explain why later. I think, maybe, just maybe you are fully enjoying the bounty of Italy.

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